What is iTunes?

Add items to iTunes
From other apps, From the Internet, From a computer, From iCloud, From CDs, Ways to add items.

Listen and watch
Use the Remote app, Apple TV, Choose speakers, Share music and video, Create playlists and burn discs, Watch, Listen, Play music, video, and more.

The iTunes Store
If you have trouble, Usage rights for purchases, Authorize a computer, Your kids and the iTunes Store, Manage your iTunes Store account, Get music, video, and more, Overview.

Sync your iPod, iPhone, or iPad
More help for iPod, iPhone, and iPad, Manage your device, Sync your device, Connect or disconnect your device, Overview.

Manage your iTunes library
Manage your media files, Customize the iTunes window, Add and edit information, Delete items, Find items and duplicates.

More resources
More information on the web, Accessibility solutions, Glossary, Symbols used in iTunes, Keyboard shortcuts.