Create a Smart Playlist

iTunes can create playlists based on rules you specify, and then update these playlists automatically as your library changes.

For example, you could create a Smart Playlist that’s no more than 5 gigabytes (GB) in size and includes your most highly rated jazz songs. Or you could create a Smart Playlist of songs by a particular artist. When you import a new CD by that artist, the songs are added automatically to the Smart Playlist.

If you want to create more complex rules—for example, with some criteria matching all rules and others matching any—you can create sets of rules, or “nested” rules. You can have up to five levels of nesting.

A Smart Playlist has this icon Gear icon next to it. iTunes comes with several Smart Playlists already set up, including My Top Rated, Recently Added, and Top 25 Most Played.

Create a Smart Playlist

  1. Choose File > New > Smart Playlist.

  2. Specify your rules.

    The Smart Playlist dialog, with callouts explaining the menus

    To add another set of rules, hold down the Option key and click the Nest button. (When you hold down the Option key, the Add button changes to the Nest button.)

View and edit Smart Playlists

  • View your Smart Playlists: Choose Music from the Library pop-up menu and click Playlists.

  • Change a Smart Playlist: Select it and click Edit Icon of a pencil and a list.

  • Remove a Smart Playlist: Select it and press the Delete key.