Adjust the volume

Adjust the volume of music and video

  • Change the volume for all songs (like turning the volume knob on a stereo): Use the volume slider at the top of the iTunes window.

    The volume slider

    The maximum volume is limited by your computer’s volume setting.

  • Adjust the volume of a particular song or video: Select it, choose File > Get Info, click Options, and drag the volume slider. iTunes uses this setting each time the song or video plays.

  • Have all songs and videos always play at the same volume level: Choose iTunes > Preferences, click Playback, and select Sound Check.

  • If you’re using remote speakers connected to an AirPort Express: You can use the volume controls on the speakers as well as the iTunes volume controls. To use only the speakers’ controls, choose iTunes > Preferences, click Devices, and select “Allow iTunes audio control from remote speakers.”