Play music, video, and more

Use iTunes to play music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and other items in your iTunes library. You can also play CDs, DVDs, Internet radio stations, and other content from the web.

Choose the kind of media you want to play from the Library pop-up menu, use the controls at the top to play your media, double-click any item to play it, use the buttons in the navigation bar to view your library in different ways

Play any item in your iTunes library

Do either of the following:

  • Select an item and click the Play button Arrowhead pointing to the right.

  • Double-click an item.

A blue dot Blue dot icon next to a movie, TV show, podcast, iTunes U lesson, or audiobook means it’s never been played. A blue half-dot Blue half-dot icon means the item hasn’t been played all the way through.