Customize the iTunes window

You can customize the way you view and play your iTunes content.

Use the iTunes MiniPlayer

With the MiniPlayer, you can play music using a window that takes up very little space on your screen.

While using the MiniPlayer, you can adjust the volume, search your library, choose which songs play next, and more.

Move the pointer over the iTunes MiniPlayer to view the controls: Close the MiniPlayer, Return to the main iTunes window, View and edit the Up Next list, Search your music library

You can also expand the MiniPlayer to an album artwork tile. When you move the pointer over the artwork, controls and song information appear.

Screenshot of the expanded MiniPlayer

  • Open the MiniPlayer: Click A small white rectangle inside a larger gray square at the top right of the iTunes window, or choose Window > Switch to MiniPlayer.

  • View and edit a list of upcoming songs: Click the Up Next button.

  • Keep the MiniPlayer in the foreground on your desktop: Choose iTunes > Preferences, click Advanced, and select “Keep MiniPlayer on top of all other windows.”

  • Expand the album artwork: Click the artwork thumbnail. To shrink to the MiniPlayer, click the thumbnail again.

Use the Sidebar to access your content, devices, and the iTunes Store

You might want to show the Sidebar if, for example, you use a screen reader.

The iTunes Sidebar: View your library, enter the iTunes Store, view connected devices, view shared libraries, play your Genius playlists and Genius Mixes, view your playlists and Smart Playlists

  • Choose View > Show Sidebar.

    The Sidebar replaces the Library menu, the Devices button, and the iTunes Store button. To return to the default view, choose View > Hide Sidebar.

For more information about screen readers and other accessibiity features, see Accessibility solutions for iTunes.

View all types of media in lists

You can view all types of media in a list. (When viewing music, you can already view songs using list view.)

  1. Choose iTunes > Preferences, and click General.

  2. Select “Show list views for all media.”

View the iTunes window in full-screen view

  • To enter full-screen view, click the arrows at the top-right corner of the iTunes window.

  • To exit full-screen view, move the pointer to the top of the screen, and click the arrows in the top-right corner.