iTunes Store overview

The iTunes Store is the world’s #1 music store, with millions of songs, albums, videos, and more for purchase, as well as many free items, such as podcasts and educational lectures.

To enter, click the iTunes Store button.

The iTunes store main window: Click buttons to navigate to different content types, search for items, click Library button to exit the store

Items you buy, rent, or download free from the iTunes Store are added instantly to your iTunes library. You can also set up automatic downloading so that items you download from the store are downloaded to all your computers and devices, not just the one you used to get the items.

To download items from the iTunes Store, you need an:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the iTunes Store, it may not be available. To submit a request to the iTunes Store, go to the Request Music webpage.

Important:  All sales are final. Your account is charged when you click a Buy button.

The iTunes Store may not be available in all countries or regions, and iTunes Store content may vary by country or region.